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Cosmetic Products


At BBI our customers have a wide range of formulation and packaging/container options.


Customers can choose to develop their products from scratch, reverse formulas or use our tried and tested formulations. We possess wide experience in raw material sourcing including organic, vegan, and Non-GMO. We can make your desired formula 100% natural.


We seek to always stay ahead of the current trends in the nails and cosmetics industry. We are constantly seeking to develop quality and innovative formulas while still ensuring our products are safe and effective.  We also seek to develop stylish packaging/containers with shapes/sizes/materials that either follow the trends or are part of our innovation approach.


Our Account Executives have extensive experience in formulation development and packaging/container development. Whether your product is simple or complex, you can be sure that the highest standards will be followed in its development and production. 


We find inspiration in art, nature, health, and social media in developing each one of our formulations and packaging/container. Our passion is fueled by the idea that our products can change peoples’ lives, not only their physical appearance but also their view of themselves and the world around them. We strive to be role models in the cosmetic industry. We can truly say that we care for our partners as much as we care about our team and the final products.


We continuously learn expanding our knowledge base to overcome limitations,  to innovate and to develop superior products. Most of all we find fun and fulfillment in creating outstanding cosmetic products for you and the world.

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