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With our teams’ market and technical knowhow, BBI implements a customer’s brief and offers our customer, the final products with their final packaging in a complete product range.  According to your specifications, you may bring as a reference a selection of off-the-shelf formulations or your own unique formulation.


These specifications may include the main ingredients, desired texture, finish and consistency, desired benefits/effects, desired scent. BBI s experienced team will then convert your specific needs into formulations, regardless of the extent of product change required. We develop formulas from scratch giving enough lead time to ensure your product receives all necessary certifications and assurances for shelf life and stability.


Similarly for packaging/container you may bring design references, with your specifications but most importantly you will share with us your target brand positioning.


With our own designers and development team and along with our global sourcing partners, your packaging will be consistent to your core product and to your brand s positioning. Our experienced in house designers and developers, will  provide mood boards and ready-made sample artwork. This includes the company logo, desired design/style reference, the packaging/container size/shape/material, the product name, desired benefits/effects, package contents, your company information.


To learn more, contact us for a consultation.


BBI offers ODM products of superior pre-made custom formulations as well as superior customized packaging that customers can choose from. We aim at minimizing the time to market of your new product. Whether you simply want to add a new product to an established brand or launch a whole new beauty company, BBI’s will deliver.

Our team of experts is up to date with the market, product and technology trends, and product hits. At the same time this information allows us to develop a wide selection of pre-made custom formulations. As we know what it takes to move your products our product development team will ensure that the chosen core product and packaging/container satisfies your business needs and brand positioning. This in turn will ensure the successful launch of your new branded product.

Similarly, our team of experts will guide you through our pre-made custom packaging/content developments aiming at ensuring consistency between your product and packaging/container choice and your target brand positioning.


To learn more, contact us for a consultation.

Cosmetic Products


BBI – The Sourcing (BBIS) sources products from a carefully selected network of superior partners that meet strict quality standards and relevant country requirements and regulations.

Our sourcing approach, supports our customers’ brand by creating value to our customer’s product offering. For customers that use the services from both our BBIF and BBIS we ensure that the resulting consolidated product offering is integrated in a seamless way applying the same strict quality control methods.

Sourcing services provided are in:

  • Manufacturing

  • R&D

  • Marketing & Design

  • Distribution

  • Consultation

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Sourcing Product Categories

BBIS supplies the complete range of products in the product categories of:

  • Packaging

  • Tools & Accessories

  • Others upon demand

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